Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga: Suitable for beginners. A very gentle, fairly traditional class featuring elements of Hatha yoga (breath, postures, relaxation) tailored to your needs. Great for seniors.

Restorative Yoga: Suitable for beginners. Only a few postures per class. Calm your nervous system, de-stress, decompress. Restorative for mind, body & spirit.

Practical Yoga: Accessible for most levels of experience. Focus is on postures (asana), breath technique (pranayam), relaxation and the personal experience of yoga practice. A great class for taking an already existing practice deeper. More challenging than Gentle yoga, but not as fast flowing as Power yoga.

LSD – Long, Slow & Deep Yoga: Accessible for most levels of experience. Previously known as Yoga for Athletes. This class is particularly suited to people who cross train, or those looking to enhance flexibility, strength, and focus. Primarily focused on the lower half of the body, with particular attention to increasing flexibility of the hips, hamstrings and hip flexors – and to building strength in the core.

feet_b&w150x100Stretch Strong Yoga: An intermediate, high-intensity, strength-building class. Some working knowledge of yoga is helpful, but not essential. Incorporating sound alignment principles of yoga, pilates, gravity and resistance training. No equipment required.

Power Yoga Ashtanga Style: Some previous experience recommended. Ashtanga is the ‘mother’ of all power yoga practices. This class introduces the fundamental elements of the practice in a guided flow that is designed intelligently to open and stretch, enliven and strengthen every bit of your body.

Power Flow Yoga: Some previous experience recommended. A Vinyasa-inspired (breath-synchronized movement) class. Creates heat in the body, builds strength, increases flexibility while synchronizing breath work to fire up the entire practice. Infused with a sense of play! Some previous yoga experience is recommended. A high-intensity class.

‘Babes in Bellies’ Prenatal Yoga: Take time to connect with your baby and to take care of yourself. A safe progression of gentle yoga postures. Build strength and heighten awareness. Get relief from some pregnancy-related discomforts. Learn breathing and relaxation techniques that will help you unwind and calmly prepare for labour and delivery. Taught by Jill Finbow.

Registered classes:

For Yoga for Beginners and Moms & Babes you may substitute up to 2 classes in your registered session for the next session or for any of our regularly scheduled classes. Kids yoga classes are open to drop-ins. Please see the “news page” for pricing and more info.

Yoga for Beginners:  Brand new to yoga or wanting to refresh on some of the basics? This one’s for you!  Working from the ground up, you’ll learn basic postural and breath work, how to modify for your own particular needs, and how to structure your practice to enhance your physical, psychological, and spiritual well being. Start where you are, with what you have, and do what you can! Taught by Christie Delahunt

‘Moms & Babes’ Postnatal Yoga: Enjoy a bit of everything in these playful classes. First, connect with your baby through music and movement by exploring yoga postures you can practice together. Second, move through a safe progression of gentle yoga postures to restore pelvic floor and abdominal strength – and to release the shoulder tension associated with feeding and cuddling your little one. Learn relaxation techniques that will help you combat fatigue and adjust to your new life. Finally, enjoy a mom-to-mom chat (while babies play) where we support each other as we face the challenges and celebrate the joys of parenting! Taught by Jill Finbow.

Yoga for Little Big Kids (ages 3-7): Fun and creative classes designed to stimulate a young child’s curiosity. Traditional yoga poses are presented in a playful manner, using developmentally appropriate breathe and postures for this age group. Creative games, themed activities, storytelling, music, and art engage the natural energy and enthusiasm. Little yogis are empowered to use creative imagery to nurture the mind-body connection. Language development, motor coordination, and play skills unfold naturally – leading to self awareness as well as body awareness.

Yoga for Big Kids ( ages 8-12):  Geared toward kids ages 8-12 and their growing minds and bodies. Focusing on balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation. A great way to balance out an active kids schedule with a practice that is both nurturing and strengthening for mind, body and spirit!



bendy_b&w300x200Private Classes with Christie Delahunt
New to yoga? Have specific needs due to pain, injury, or illness? Can’t make it to regularly-scheduled classes? Training for a sporting event and in need of some one-on-one? A private class may be the answer.

Private classes are a wonderful way to learn yoga under the guidance of an experienced teacher who can modify postures for your specific needs in a serene and private setting.

Yoga can be therapeutically helpful with health and wellness concerns. Programs designed for your situation can include postural work, guided relaxation and imagery, as well as therapeutic techniques for reducing pain and managing stress.

Available by appointment. $80 per hour or pre-book 5 one-hour sessions for $350 (plus HST).

Group or Corporate Sessions: $125 (plus HST), depending on location & other specifics.


Thai Yoga Massage

As a thai yoga massage practitioner, Christie will tailor your massage session to your needs. Thai Yoga massage is much like an assisted yoga practice. A fully clothed massage that caters to your individual needs. A great compliment to an existing yoga practice or a wonderfully relaxing full body treatment that can be incorporated into your therapeutic regime.

Available by appointment. $80 for a 1-hour massage, $110 for 1.5 hours, $130 for 2 hours (plus HST).