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The Twisted Fish believes in teaching yoga and all functional movement practices from the ground up.

We support and guide you every step of the way to help build a firm foundation of strength, flexibility and balance

We believe all bodies are yoga bodies, this is yoga for everyone!

As we move into Stage 3 we will be moving back into the studio
We will be continuing with a reduced class schedule.
Limited space available and registration for each class is required.

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9:30 am Practical Yoga - Jenny

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1 pm Supported Stretch & Strength - Christie

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7 pm Practical Yoga with Christie

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9:30am Practical Yoga with Crystal

1pm Special Class for Immune Compromised-Gentle with Christie

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7pm Practical Yoga with Nettie

9:30am Gentle with Crystal

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9:30am Practical 2 with Jenny

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    Yoga Basics
    A very suitable class for beginners and beyond. Just a little step up from Gentle Yoga with more focus on building in postural work, balance and gentle strength building.
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    (UBER) Gentle Yoga
    Very gentle and restorative in nature, this very slow moving class is focused on subtle movement, joint mobility and breath work for decompressing the nervous system. Suitable for all levels of practice, a particularly easy class for new practitioners, those healing from illness or injury or just in need of some super gentle movement.
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    Restorative Yoga:
    Suitable for beginners and beyond. Only a few postures per class. Calm your nervous system, de-stress, decompress. Restorative for mind, body & spirit.
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    Supported (Chair Yoga)
    This class modifies basic postures in a gentle & practical class while supported by the assistance of walls and chairs. Focusing on practical applications of stretch, strength building and postural stability, this is a great class for beginners, dealing with injuries, health or mobility concerns and the seasoned practitioner looking to shift their practice.
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    Practical Yoga
    Accessible for most levels of experience. Focus is on postures (asana), breath technique (pranayam), relaxation and the personal experience of yoga practice. A great class for taking an already existing practice deeper. More challenging than Gentle yoga, but not as fast flowing as Power yoga.
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    Practical 2
    Accessible for most levels of experience. A great challenge for those with more experience on their mat. An adaptation of our most popular studio class "Practical Yoga", this one offers some more challenging postural work and deeper practices for the more experienced practitioner. Vinyasa inspired (breath inspired movement).
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    Long, Slow & Deep:
    Accessible for most levels of experience. This class is particularly suited to people who wish to increase strength, flexibility and focus. Particular attention is given to increasing flexibility of the hips, hamstrings and hip flexors – and to building strength in the core, lower and upper body. Yin inspired practice.
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    A fun fusion of our Power Vinyasa flow yoga classes. A strong class. We build up internal heat, strength and a little sweat. Focus is on strength and flexibility.
  • ... ... ...
    Functional Strength
    This NOT your typical yoga class! A functional strength training class geared to ALL who need more functional strength. This class focuses on isolation, mobilization and activation of key muscle groups and utilizing your body weight and resistance to get strong and stay strong. A great compliment to ANY movement program and an amazing way to up your game in your yoga practice.
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    Yang Yin
    Fusing gentle flow and yin postures, this is a well rounded class. Creates internal heat in the body, builds strength, increases flexibility while synchronizing breath work to fire up the entire practice. Infused with a sense of play! A medium intensity class.
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    yin & tonic:
    Find stillness and greater depth by holding poses longer in a yin sequence. A complex practice of long, passively held poses is deeply nourishing and has a myriad of benefits for any practitioner. Physically it enhances the natural range of motion in joints. Energetically yin enhances the flow of PRANA ( life force energy) in the tissues around the joints where energy often stagnates. Ultimately this style of practice supports organs, immune system and emotional well being.

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"The Twisted Fish is an open, supportive and welcoming yoga community. There are classes for every age and stage and the teachers will meet you "where you're at". Such a great spot to learn!"
- Jaimie Hagen


"Live with intention and teach with truth"
Founder and Director

Christie's long list of qualifications are as impressive as the studio space itself but it is her intention to allow every experience to be an opportunity for "grace and for growth" that sets this instructor apart.

Christie lives and breathes the practice that she shares with her students. A self proclaimed rogue yogi, she has created a physically connected, spiritually directed, loving, challenging, creative and empowering space for all to explore a practice strongly grounded in knowledge, experience and inclusive grace.

Her belief that there is a yoga for every body delivered with a smile and a sparkle in her eye combined with her intuitive and personal attention to her students is the reason yoga mats line the studio floor and private and corporate clients keep coming back.

Inspiration for her practice and teaching over the years has included her journey with her less than cooperative body, personal issues with depression, PTSD and anxiety as well as issues around addiction and exploration of the inner workings of the mind body connection. Study in anatomy and physiology has always held a fascination and inspires her explorative approach to teaching.

Outside of her love of teaching yoga, is her passion to share her experiences of the past 20 years with new teachers and studios. Her mentorship program is encouraging better teachers, more inclusive spaces and sustainable yoga communities.

Christie teaches private classes and is a Thai yoga massage practitioner. BOOK A SESSION
All of our teachers meet or exceed Canadian Yoga Alliance standards
We are up-to-date with respect to first aid training and CPR requirements.


Jenny Rice CYT
Jennie Rice

Lover of yoga, sunshine, and really good coffee, Jenny has been practicing yoga for 14 years and is always humbled by the power of practice, whether coming to her mat to find peace of mind, a connection to something bigger, or a sweaty, smile-with-your-whole-face salute to the morning.

Jenny teaches with the intention of finding breath in movement and seeking that sweet connection with body, mind, and spirit.

Laura Hitchon CYT

Laura fell in love with yoga in her early twenties. Her first experience was a hot yoga class, and after 75 minutes of breathing, moving, and sweating, she was hooked. Since then, Laura has committed to a daily yoga practice which includes intention setting, breath awareness, dynamic movement, and meditation. Yoga helps Laura stay grounded as she continues to explore, accept, and love her mind and body.

Eight years after her first class, Laura attended a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course with Denise Davis-Gains through Atlas Yoga Studio. She became a Certified Yoga Teacher with the Canadian Alliance of Yoga Teachers in 2013. It is her intention to share the many benefits of yoga practice with her students.

Nettie Brown CYT

You might be surprised to know that Nettie didn't even know if she liked yoga after taking her first few classes in 2004, coming from an athletic background she felt that in order to get a 'good workout' you needed to be dripping in sweat or hitting something. This theory was soon debunked as she discovered the strength, grace, and balance that yoga brought to her life.

Nettie's mat is a space for creativity and freedom. It is a place of pure potentiality where she connects to her centre, her strength and her authenticity. Yoga reminds her constantly that she is always braver than she thinks and to be present in her life: one breath at a time.

As humans we have a deep desire to connect and in her classes you can expect to move through a flow connecting you with your body, your breath, and your self-expression. Nettie's kindness and positivity will leave you feeling inspired and at peace.

Consultants and Sub Teachers

Sarah Hindmarsh CYT
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

In 1999 Sarah enrolled in a six week "Fundamentals of Yoga" workshop with a traditional hatha instructor. Gaining an understanding of breath movement and body awareness offered a sense of ease and empowerment. Through the years Sarah has utilized the principles of yoga on and off the mat and in 2010 she obtained her 500 hour teaching training with Moksha Yoga International.

In her early years of teaching, she became much more intrigued by the human form, mechanics and healing mechanism. In order to assist her students further and to obtain a deeper understanding of the influence yoga has on the body, Sarah enrolled at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and took on full time studies; graduating in 2016. Alongside teaching, Sarah has a thriving private practice in Cambridge as well as Simcoe.

Sarah believes in authenticity and honesty. Her hopes are to share an experience with her students that encompasses these values.

Natasha Grincevicius
BASc Foods & Nutrition
I love food. I love science. I love putting them together to elevate and celebrate health. I'm your food geek! With my B.A.Sc. degree in Foods & Nutrition and 2 decades in the world of nutraceuticals, my take on food is to find tasty and easy options that enhance your health status.

Holly Coles
Holly is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Registered Natural Health Practitioner, and holds certification in Sports Nutrition Consultation. Holly has been studying Holistic Health for ten years. In the last four, she has developed a thriving private practice, providing consultation, support, and therapy for many satisfied clients. Holly is a gifted presenter who delivers workshops regularly on numerous aspects of nutrition and healing, from oral health to detox and recovery. Her belief is that healing begins within and she advises accordingly. She can be found at The Wellness Post in downtown Port Dover.

Ashley Beeton ND
Ashley's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Community Health from Brock University, and diploma of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Ashley is a motivated practitioner who works with the patient in establishing treatment plans that will be sustainable for the patient, while getting to the root of concern. Lifestyle counselling and nutrition are often included in many of her treatment plans, this is evident from her love for cooking healthy meals for her family while maintaining and active lifestyle.

Crystal Lynn Gratwick
Lover of all things outdoors, Crystal has always led an active lifestyle and started practicing yoga about 10 years ago as a way to alleviate stress and be physically active as a single mom. It was after she was involved in a serious car accident that left her with a significant brain injury and severe mobility issues that her relationship with yoga and meditation changed. It was coming to her mat everyday, sometimes just to lay with her breath, where she learned the lessons of acceptance, patience and self-love. It was in those moments of pure raw emotion and movement that she began to recover mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. These life changing experiences have kept Crystal on her mat and after being severanced from her corporate job she felt the pull toward her "second act" career, to bring accessible yoga to every BODY. This passion also led to the creation of her company Evolution of You Inc. bringing yoga, mindfulness and meditation to youth in schools. She completed her 200hr at De La Sol and her Kids simultaneously and started teaching right away. She has since also completed her 50hr Yin and Myofascial Release with Michelle Finch as well as Prenatal & Postnatal. When she is not teaching yoga she can be found camping, kayaking or gardening at home on Lake Erie with her son Hayden & four beautiful fur babies – Cricket, Riley, Chance and Daisy.

"Christie is amazing and her studio represents true, fundamental practice. It was a challenge to find "non-fad" yoga in the area. I was delighted to find a studio that practices safely and has the knowledge to grow yogis at every level."
-Deb Mossman-Edwards
The twisted fish is a community-minded yoga and wellness studio in downtown Port Dover. This spacious studio occupies much of the recently-restored second floor of a historic building. In the 1920s, the venue was a dance hall known as Nicolls Hall. In the '30s, Friday night rollerskating cost 35¢.

The twisted fish is equipped with an elevator and has wheelchair-accessible washrooms.

Founded in 2011 by Christie Delahunt, the twisted fish is a social enterprise – a revenue- generating business with a twist! MISSION is at the core of our business. We are committed to offering affordable, accessible opportunities for education and employment in health and wellness in our community.


All applicants for membership must sign a medical waiver

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Four Classes


Student & Senior $54

Eight Classes


Student & Senior $99

Fifteen Classes


Student & Senior $135

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