Class Descriptions


Regularly scheduled community classes are open to drop ins.

Scroll down for info on Yoga for Kids and Prenatal registered class sessions.

Follow this symbol * for classes recommended for newbies and beginners to yoga

General guidelines for studio practice:

Each of our classes are generally taught “from the ground up”, allowing for the most gentle approach first and building on it from there. We design the studio schedule with the daily practitioner in mind, giving options for different styles of practice on each day to support you on your journey.

ALL of our regularly scheduled classes ARE OPEN TO DROP INS. Restorative is very slow moving and uber gentle, Gentle is very gentle, Practical is the next step up with some more challenges along the way, Practical 2 and Practically Deep offer more of an edge for those looking for it and Power Flow and Ashtanga are very strong practices based on Sun Salutations.

*Gentle Yoga: Very suitable for beginners and beyond. A very gentle, fairly traditional class featuring elements of Hatha yoga (breath, postures, relaxation) tailored to your needs. Great for seniors.

*(Practically) Gentle Yoga: A very suitable class for beginners and beyond. Just a little step up from Gentle Yoga with more focus on building in postural work, balance and gentle strength building.

*(UBER) Gentle Yoga: Very gentle and restorative in nature, this very slow moving class is focussed on subtle movement, joint mobility and breath work for decompressing the nervous system. Suitable for all levels of practice, a particularly easy class for new practitioners, those healing from illness or injury or just in need of some super gentle movement.

*Restorative Yoga: Suitable for beginners and beyond. Only a few postures per class. Calm your nervous system, de-stress, decompress. Restorative for mind, body & spirit.

*NEW! Practically Supported (Chair Yoga): This class modifies all the basic postures in a gentle & practical class while supported by the assistance of walls and chairs. Focusing on stretch, strength building and postural stability, this is a great class for beginners, injuries, health or mobility concerns and the seasoned practitioner looking to deepen their practice.

*NEW! Seniors Stretch: This class has been designed for our active seniors (65+) in need of strength and flexibility conditioning. A gentle approach to yoga incorporating functional movement principles to help build strength, maintain flexibility and improve balance.

Practical Yoga:  Accessible for most levels of experience. Focus is on postures (asana), breath technique (pranayam), relaxation and the personal experience of yoga practice. A great class for taking an already existing practice deeper. More challenging than Gentle yoga, but not as fast flowing as Power yoga.

Practical 2:  Accessible for most levels of experience. A great challenge for those with more experience on their mat. An adaptation of our most popular studio class “Practical Yoga”, this one offers some more challenging postural work and deeper practices for the more experienced practitioner. Vinyasa inspired (breath inspired movement).

Practically Deep:  Accessible for most levels of experience.  This class is particularly suited to people who wish to increase strength, flexibility and focus. Particular attention is given to increasing flexibility of the hips, hamstrings and hip flexors – and to building strength in the core, lower and upper body. Yin inspired practice.


Free Flow Yoga : A fun fusion of our Practical and Vinyasa flow yoga classes. A moderately paced class accessible for most levels of experience. We build up internal heat, strength and a little sweat, then slow it down with yin inspired postures to enhance flexibility and relaxation. Hands on assists and support for final relaxation are an added bonus and always an option.

Vinyasa Powerflow Yoga: . A Vinyasa-inspired (breath-synchronized movement) class. Creates internal heat in the body, builds strength, increases flexibility while synchronizing breath work to fire up the entire practice. Infused with a sense of play! Some previous yoga experience is recommended. A high-intensity class.

NEW! yin yoga: Find stillness and greater depth by holding poses longer in a yin sequence. A complex practice of long, passively held poses is deeply nourishing and has a myriad of benefits for any practitioner. Physically it enhances the natural range of motion in joints. Energetically yin enhances the flow of PRANA ( life force energy) in the tissues around the joints where energy often stagnates. ultimately this style of practice supports organs, immune system and emotional well being.

(Prenatal) Bountiful Bellies : Feb.1-Mar.8, 2018- a 6 week Prenatal Kundalini Yoga series taught by Laura Biddle (Please scroll down for all info )


Registered classes:

prenatal Jill

Bountiful Bellies-a 6 week Prenatal Kundalini Yoga Series with Laura Biddle

Thursdays from 6pm-7:15pm

(Feb. 1,8,15.22, Mar.1 & 8)

“The heart of the mother is the greatest power of infinity ever given to any finite being.”~Yogi Bhajan

Build the strength, equanimity and grit required for labour and parenting all while learning to trust the wisdom of your body and intuition.

Release fear of the unknown, heal wounds from past birth trauma and fall in love with the process of this unique and fleeting moment in time.

Ease the physical discomforts of pregnancy while finding deeply rejeuvenating relaxation that restores you.

Your investment $79.65 +HST ($90)

Pre-registration for all 6 classes is required. To register or address any questions at all please email Laura at

About the teacher: Laura Biddle is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher as well as a mother of three. she is an experienced birth worker and doula, having spent time assisting a burgeoning midwifery clinic as a second attendant. Laura has a deep love of supporting pregnant women in finding their voice, trusting their intuition and educating themselves in informed choice. 


yOgA for KiDs  (tWiStEd kiDs!) with Sarah (Ages 4-12)

Every Saturday, 11am-12pm (Beginning February 10, 2018-2nd session will begin the Saturday AFTER March Break)

4 week REGISTERED sessions ( Drop in will only be available when there are a minimum of 7 registrants in each session).

15 % discount for more than 1 child enrolled.

Yoga for children helps to boost confidence, build body awareness, strengthen focus and gain acceptance of self and others. 

In every kids class we will learn about yoga through breathing, movement, games, art, even drama and music. Children will learn how to manage stress and develop concentration through breathing, body awareness, and creative arts meditations. We will boost confidence and build positive self image.

There will be no electronic devices allowed in the yoga space, so kids will truly interact with one another, and depend on themselves for stimulation. Not only will they learn the yoga poses, practice healthy movement, and build strength, kids will also learn about their own bodies. We’ll chat about digestion, the nervous system, bones and muscles, and how it all works to keep us going every day. Above all twisted kids yoga will be a safe, non-competitive, fun learning environment where everyone is welcome to learn, grow and succeed.

*Must be a minimum of 7 children registered for classes to run.

Please email the studio to reserve your child’s/children’s space(s). Registration is complete upon full payment. The studio accepts cash, cheque and most major credit cards as well as the PayPal option below.

Your investment: 4 week session $56.50 ($50 +HST)

15 % discount for more than 1 child enrolled.

Sat., Feb. 10- Sat., Mar.3

1 child ($50 +TX) $56.50
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2 children ($85 +TX) $96.05
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3 children ($127.50 +TX) $144 
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Sat., Mar. 24-Sat., Apr. 14







    * Private Classes with christie delahunt

New to yoga? Have specific needs due to pain, injury, or illness? Can’t make it to regularly-scheduled classes? Training for a sporting event and in need of some one-on-one? A private class may be the answer.

Private classes are a wonderful way to learn yoga under the guidance of an experienced teacher who can modify postures for your specific needs in a serene and private setting.

Yoga can be therapeutically helpful with health and wellness concerns. Programs designed for your situation can include postural work, guided relaxation and imagery, as well as therapeutic techniques for reducing pain and managing stress.

Available by appointment. $70 +HST ($79.10) per hour or pre-book 5 one-hour sessions for $325 +HST ($367.25). 

(Semi Private- Up to 3 people! Regular private rates apply plus $50 for each additional person)

Group or Corporate Sessions: $226 BASE RATE ($200 +HST), depending on location & other specifics.


Thai Yoga Massage

As a thai yoga massage practitioner, Christie will tailor your massage session to your needs. Thai Yoga massage is much like an assisted yoga practice. A fully clothed massage that caters to your individual needs. A great compliment to an existing yoga practice or a wonderfully relaxing full body treatment that can be incorporated into your therapeutic regime.

Available by appointment. $75 for a 1-hour massage, $105 for 1.5 hours, $125 for 2 hours (plus HST).



Intro to Yoga

Next session dates Spring 2018( See classes marked with a * in the list above for classes very appropriate for beginners)

A 6 week registered class,Wednesday nights, 6-7:15pm

If you are NEW to yoga and not sure where to begin go back to the basics!

Brand new to yoga or wanting to refresh on some of the basics? This one’s for you!  Working from the ground up, you’ll learn basic postural and breath work, how to modify for your own particular needs, and how to structure your practice to enhance your physical, psychological, and spiritual well being. Start where you are, with what you have, and do what you can!

Taught by the teachers of the twisted fish
Reserve your place by sending e-mail to thetwistedfish AT 

If you miss a class in this registered session, you can make it up during the next one or substitute for a class on our regular schedule. (Up to 2 classes only.)