Teacher Bios


Christie Delahunt, CYT

is a Certified Yoga Teacher. She has been practicing for over 20 years and teaching for more than 15. She was initially taught by an Iyengar trained teacher (alignment and detail-oriented) and then certified by a Kripalu inspired teacher (focusing on the right alignment for your body), Christie:

  • trained at Mohawk College in the ACE Personal Fitness Trainers program in 1999
  • in 2002 took Yoga Teacher Training with Denise Davis Gains at Atlas Yoga Studio (200 hrs)
  • has completed her first level of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
  • has completed her training in Thai Yoga Massage with Drew Hume of Navina Thai Yoga Therapy
  • completed Vinyasa Teacher Training with Seane Corn in October 2014 at 889 Yoga

Having worked with wonderful teachers  as well as hundreds of clients – Christie is adept at making yoga accessible for just about any population. From individuals in need of therapeutic applications, to athletes in training, or larger groups in schools and the workplace, Christie fluently incorporates her well-rounded knowledge of the physical, psychological, and spiritual practice of yoga into her teaching and life.

Christie seeks to live with intention and teach in truth. Facilitating a community space for yoga and creativity has been a dream come true.


Jenny Rice, CYT

Lover of yoga, sunshine, and really good coffee, Jenny has been practicing yoga for 14 years and is always humbled by the power of practice, whether coming to her ma to find peace of mind, a connection to something bigger, or a sweaty, smile-with-your-whole-face salute to the morning.

Jenny teaches with the intention of finding breath in movement and seeking that sweet connection with body, mind, and spirit.

laura200x200Laura Hitchon, CYT

Laura fell in love with yoga in her early twenties. Her first experience was a hot yoga class, and after 75 minutes of breathing, moving, and sweating, she was hooked. Since then, Laura has committed to a daily yoga practice which includes intention setting, breath awareness, dynamic movement, and meditation. Yoga helps Laura stay grounded as she continues to explore, accept, and love her mind and body.  Eight years after her first class, Laura attended a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course with Denise Davis-Gains through Atlas Yoga Studio. She became a Certified Yoga Teacher with the Canadian Alliance of Yoga Teachers in 2013. It is her intention to share the many benefits of yoga practice with her students.

sarah hindmarsh

 Sarah Hindmarsh Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, CYT

In 1999 Sarah enrolled in a six week “Fundamentals of Yoga” workshop with a traditional hatha instructor. Gaining an understanding of breath movement and body awareness offered a sense of ease and empowerment. Through the years Sarah has utilized the principles of yoga on and off the mat and in 2010 she obtained her 500 hour teaching training with Moksha Yoga International. 

In her early years of teaching, she became much more intrigued by the human form, mechanics and healing mechanism. In order to assist her students further and to obtain a deeper understanding of the influence yoga has on the body, Sarah enrolled at The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and took on full time studies; graduating in 2016. Alongside teaching, Sarah has a thriving private practice in Cambridge as well as Simcoe.

Sarah believes in authenticity and honesty. Her hopes are to share an experience with her students that encompasses these values.


Nettie Brown CYT

You would be surprise to know that Nettie didn’t even know if she liked yoga after taking her first few classes in 2004, coming from an athletic background she felt that in order to get a ‘good workout’ you needed to be dripping in sweat or hitting something. This theory was soon debunked as she discovered the strength, grace, and balance that yoga brought to her life. 

Nettie’s mat is a space for creativity and freedom. It is a place of pure potentiality where she connects to her centre, her strength and her authenticity. Yoga reminds her constantly that she is always braver than she thinks and to be present in her life: one breath at a time.

As humans we have a deep desire to connect and in her classes you can expect to move through a flow connecting you with your body, your breath, and your self-expression. Nettie’s kindness and positivity will leave you feeling inspired and at peace. 

Some of our consulting and guest teachers:

Food Geek

Natasha Grincevicius BASc Foods and Nutrition :
I love food. I love science. I love putting them together to elevate and celebrate health. I’m your food geek!
With my B.A.Sc. degree in Foods & Nutrition and 2 decades in the world of nutraceuticals, my take on food is to find tasty and easy options that enhance your health status.
ashley-butler Ashley Beeton is a Registered Naturopathic Doctor practicing serving Norfolk and the surrounding area. 
Ashley‘s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Community Health from Brock University, and diploma of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.  
Ashley is a motivated practitioner who works with the patient in establishing treatment plans that will be sustainable for the patient, while getting to the root of concern. Lifestyle counselling and nutrition are often included in many of her treatment plans, this is evident from her love for cooking healthy meals for her family while maintaining and active lifestyle.
Instagram – @ashleybeetonnd


Holly Coles is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Registered Natural Health Practitioner, and holds certification in Sports Nutrition Consultation. Holly has been studying Holistic Health for ten years. In the last four, she has developed a thriving private practice, providing consultation, support, and therapy for many satisfied clients. Holly is a gifted presenter who delivers workshops regularly on numerous aspects of nutrition and healing, from oral health to detox and recovery. Her belief is that healing begins within and she advises accordingly. She can be found at The Wellness Post in downtown Port Dover.